How To Win The High School Rivals Spotlight Sim?


On a good day, I was barely above average at best. Normally, 95% of my online time is a regular player. I easily overcame this challenge. Just play defense and shoot open shots. There is no real strategy to win honestly.

Some people know how to beat AI, some people don't. That's the dissenting opinion of what you see offline on this sub. I'm a good online player but find it super boring offline. Last year, I never struggled in any 2K offline game mode other than Gold Versus Invincibility.

Some people online think they'll be able to take advantage of the same things they do online in offline mode, which you simply can't.

Others are generally terrible in the game and are happy with barely beating the dom or TT while offline, these are the ones who complain the most. 2K isn't a competitive game for them, it's a card-collecting simulator, and they find it a chore every time they have to actually use a card they've collected online or offline.

I think there's a third category, and that's super casual, they just like to have fun at their own time and pace. No judgment on this group, they just don't complain about spotlights or I didn't mention them.

Just do it a second time and still doesn't work. This thing is so frustrating. I got everything with Green but still got enough points with Val and enough blocks with the Magic, so every player gets it. Last time I would try 1, try to do their own thing, Magic 4 layups 10 assists, Green 3 assists 2 blocks, Val 15 points.

If this doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.

EDIT: Just finished the 3rd and counting, I think you need to complete all your own goals (including 3 magic layups)

Worth 25 points

Magic 20 points (mostly layups), 13 assists, 2 blocks

Green had 16 points, 6 assists and 3 blocks

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