​How to make Duriel quest bump character for rushing


Hello everyone! I have two computers operating D2R and I need help finding the most efficient method of rushing characters. In the rushing machine, I have a character who gathered the A2 staff components and put in the orifice of the rushing machine to open Tal Rasha's Tomb however, it did not finish the quest to take out Duriel.

Then I begin a game on my rushing PC using this character. I also have an A1-level character running on my PC I am rushing that has been renamed A2 to join the game. On the rushing PC , I quit the character that I used to play to join in the games using my character of high level that is able to take out Duriel and after that, kill Duriel.

The first time I attempted this, the character from L1 was credited with quest points even when being in town, but this didn't work ever again, and I'm not sure the reason. I've heard that you can create an Duriel characters with quests that will avoid collecting the staff pieces but I'm guessing I've done something wrong.

I used a similar trick to make a character begin games in A3 which is smashed by the compelling orb however Mephisto was not killed. The problem I'm facing is the fact that L1 characters are not allowed from using the town's portal to the Durance and is allowed to enter the portal of Travincal and then walk down (annoying but more efficient than collecting the flail pieces).

A side note: I've not seen this mentioned in any guidebook that is rushed, but it's not necessary to ask someone to collect the Summoner quest to figure the tomb that is Tal Rasha's. In Horazon's diary, there are just six floating symbols to be seen and the 7th symbol is missing. is the location of the tomb.    

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