​How to Increase Hunter's Acclaim and Rewards in Diablo 4


This guide will assist players with learning how to increase their Hunter's Acclaim in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Season 2, called the Season of Blood, has started, and the developers have added many new things, including the Hunter's Acclaim faction. Hunter's Acclaim gives players a chance to turn into a vampire hunter and earn cool rewards. Players can get new items or even legendary weapons by increasing their rank on the Hunter's Acclaim Board in Diablo 4.

The Hunter's Acclaim is available to players all along of the season after they activate the Blood Money quest. Read on for all the details on how to earn reputation points and what rewards are available for this.

Diablo 4: How to Increase Hunter's Acclaim

A quick and efficient way to increase their rank on the Hunter's Acclaim Boards is to visit the Blood Harvest areas. Pay attention that as soon as one Blood Harvest occasion ends, the following one begins immediately. Kill as many monsters as possible, complete the tasks, and return to the Hunter's Acclaim Boards to gather rewards. Players will get a certain number of points at the finish of each occasion. Blood Harvest will just take place in these areas:

Dry Steppes



In addition to armor and weapons, players can also get exclusive Vampiric Powers, Strong Blood, and other valuable items for earning Hunter's Acclaim. The list of them all can be found underneath.

Diablo 4: Hunter's Acclaim Rewards

Hunter's Acclaim Boards can be tracked down in major settlements, and on the map, it is marked as a board with a green leaf on it. So, when enough Hunters' Acclaim is gathered, return to the city and gather the rewards. Presently it is the right time to find out what rewards are available on the Hunter's Acclaim Board:

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