​How To Find (and Beat) the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker


Exploring the prisons in Dark and Darker, you will experience a wide range of foes and other players. Fortunately, you can collaborate with two additional players to shape a group of various classes and works for endurance. However, in certain prisons, you need to depend just on your solidarity and abilities, for example, in The Goblin Caves. In it, you might go over an exceptionally problematic supervisor called the Cave Troll. Thus, read on to figure out how to find and beat the Cave Troll manager in Dark and Darker.

Cave Troll Location in Dark and Darker

Notwithstanding low wellbeing, the Cave Troll is one of the most remarkable supervisors in Dark and Darker. And this isn't surprising since it must be tracked down in an independent prison, the previously mentioned Goblin Caves. As the name proposes, you should investigate the intricate caves inhabited by goblins. Yet, in the event that you are interested in greater fish, you ought to battle the Cave Troll.

To find the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker, you really want to go down to the actual bottom of the prison. There are different ways leading there, so you simply need to search for steps heading lower. Reaching the bottom, you will find a stone entryway with runes. However, before you open it, we suggest you set yourself up since the Cave Troll manager looks for you right behind it.

How To Beat the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker

Most importantly, you ought to realize that the risk of the Cave Troll lies in serious areas of strength for its since he has very low wellbeing in Dark and Darker. The manager can likewise just attack at short proximity. Therefore, you would be advised to utilize went attacks against him. For this methodology, you just need weapons and stuff which can increase your speed. And you really want to eliminate other stuff to increase your speed significantly more. Then avoid the Cave Troll at all costs by running along the walls of the room. It can require some investment, yet you ought to have the option to overcome the manager without taking any harm.

However, this doesn't mean you can't beat Cave Troll in Dark and Darker using other forms. As a matter of fact, you can overcome the supervisor even as a level 1 Brute, as MojitoBeans did on YouTube (shown underneath). He additionally utilized no stuff to increase his speed.

This strategy involves avoiding any harm from the Cave Troll, which is very hard assuming you are fighting it interestingly. The manager has a few attacks that can hit in a wide span. In addition, it can perform combos assuming you get too close. Therefore, you really want to hit during the little stops between Cave Troll attacks:

Swing Attacks - The Troll swings its weapon with its left hand. The manager can strike this blow at various levels.

Roar Attack - The Troll roars and dials the player back. Assuming you get hit by this attack, the Troll will continue the combo with one of its Swing attacks.

Slam Attack - The Troll utilizes two hands to slam the weapon on the ground. This AoE attack is extremely perilous, so you ought to take off from the manager as fast as conceivable to keep away from harm.

That is all you really want to be familiar with how to find and overcome the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker. This supervisor can be a seriously risky foe, so follow our tips to overcome him without taking any harm. Meanwhile, investigate our aide on how to get Brilliant Key.

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