​How NOT to play with a Bard or Paladin


My primary role is Bard and I've seen many posts complaining the bard was ineffective or that the paladin was weak. What's the issue? They are trying to confront the boss in a tank, and they anticipate the bard or Paladin to save them.

It's time for some news.

The first thing to note is that this isn't WOW as we aren't able to save lives because of sloppy game play. It's not possible to "heal" at the speed you'd expect and shields only work in urgent circumstances. When we launch an ode to salvation, it takes a lot of time to recharge, or recommit ourselves to taking a drink of awakening potion. Even if we do everything we could not stay alive if we confront the boss in the form of an assassin or any other kind of class not designed to tanks.

What is the most important thing to do for being able to survive the attack? Knowledge. Note the beginning.

Many times I find myself into an abyss with my alts, and I am awestruck ... to be honest ... I'm not more, let's say I am that I am disappointed ... in order to discover that a lot of people don't understand the mechanics of a wipe. The player makes a mistake which is why we have to wipe. I try to tell them what to do, they run off not listening hammering their keyboard ... assssdaassdaqweeqrqrweess ... dead ... sigh. Do not ask for an ANYSS IF YOU DONT know the Wipe mechanics.

Learn about the boss's mechanic before entering. If you are a guardian, take yourself into the room and do not think about killing the boss. Try to remain alive until it is too late and without using any health pills. The key to healing is to avoid being struck.

If there's a bard in the area, shields can assist if you are just a fraction of a second late, but if you are cooling down and the boss is charging you will be able to see it, and avoid. Why? You practiced being alive.

The concept of not getting hit applies to all content. In a boss rush ... dont get hit. When the manager is not familiar to you, wait and take a look at his behavior for after a few seconds. Don't rush into the room as you did in the Light Brigade and get massacred. You'll be annoying others at the gathering.

If you're an assasin or martial artist take your time moving. If you are attempting to kill a boss, ensure you've got a way to escape. If you are able to jump in using spacebar, unleash all of your abilities, and the boss launches an AOE and you're finished. I've seen people being blasted by turtle puke (if you aren't aware of the joke, continue to do raids) even though it was preventable. They did not have the ability to move. This is the reason why bards are not likely to be close. She is not a skilled mover other than jumping. As an MA or assassin, you've got numerous movement abilities.

Also , learn the rules of fighting and encounters. I have looked at 30 different models online, and none of them have an opponent? Seriously? It's nonsense ... to say the most. Set up a counter, so that when the boss turns blue, you can counter him. If you are able to staggers, make sure you prioritize them and hammer on the boss. The more he's beaten or staggered, the less likely the chance of him hurting you.

The paladin or bard will be able to help you if take care of this and protect you if you are too drunk and get found out. But they won't be able to save anyone who aren't aware of the combat techniques in this game are extremely powerful.

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