Here's a Guide to Help You Play Defense Correctly in Madden 24


Good defense is essential to win games in Madden 24, but playing defense correctly requires practice and skills. You also have to balance between defense and offense. Stop the other team from scoring while scoring yourself can decide between defeat and victory. Learning how to play defense correctly in Madden 24 isn't difficult if you follow tips from this guide. A good defense is required for online matches where you are playing against real players. This Madden 24 defense guide features methods to improve your defense.

Help You Play Defense Correctly in Madden 24

How to play defense Correctly?

There is a famous saying that "Defense wins championships," and this is an accurate saying for football. Defense is very important in Madden 24 as you have to deal with the attack of another team and turn it into your benefit. Here are some tips for playing defense correctly.

1.Use mixed plays

Many players make mistakes and use the same plays again and again. The other team can get an idea from this and attack to deal with these plays. You should mix plays to bring variation to your game. By using mixed plays, you can also outbalance the other team. Do your research about who you're facing in the next match and choose mixed plays accordingly.

Some of the best plays to confuse your opponents are zone coverage, blitz package, man coverage, etc. Zone defense and man coverage are the two defense plays in Madden 24. A team with good cornerbacks should use the man-defense play. Zone defense is for the red zone only. If you want to use your safeties, zone defense is the way to go.

2.Learn pursuit and tackling

Without tackling and pursuit, you can't have a good defense in Madden 24. To tackle the other team, you need proper timing and precise pursuit angles. Tackling and pursuit are connected, and without one, you can't master the other. Your pursuit should be strong as well. To improve your reaction time and pursuit, use the practice area to try some tackles whenever you are free. Your pursuit and tackling depend on the reaction time, pursuit, and anticipation. Become the ultimate master of tackling with practice and better pursuit skills. There are four methods to tackle in Madden 24, which are given below.

Wrap Tackle


Hit stick

Cut stick

Learn which tackle works for which position and use them.

3.Use defensive controls

You have many controls to defend yourself in Madden 24, but using the right defense controls is crucial. To deal with the offensive linemen of the other team, use bull rushes, spins, and swim moves. These defensive controls are a bit confusing, and you'll have a hard time learning them, but your efforts will pay off on the field when you deal with safeties and cornerbacks of the other team with intercept it, break up the pass, and swat the ball defensive controls.

4.Play in the right position

For defense playing, you can choose whatever position you want in Madden 24. The game features many positions, such as safety, cornerback, linebacker, edge rusher, etc. You should experiment with these positions and see which positions work well for you. This is very important to play defense correctly. Each position has a variety of moves to deal with the offensive players of the other team. The defensive position doesn't matter as long as you know the moves of the position and have the skills to use the position to its best. The defensive line is a good position for beginners, but they should also try other positions once they know the basics of good defense.

5.Put pressure on the other team

This is the biggest thing that you need to do in Madden 24 to make your defense good. The main target of this whole pressure should be the quarterback. This tactic is used by most defenders in football as it can slow them down and disrupt their moment to a great extent. When attacking players of the other team are disrupted, they'll make quick decisions, and this is where you can gain an advantage from their mistakes. You can even take control of the flow of the game.

Blitzes and edge rushers are the best option to easily put pressure on the other team. If the other team is under pressure, they won't be able to complete their passes. The only thing to look for when putting pressure on the other team is to stop using it after some time because the other team can adjust their strategy accordingly, and you won't have anything to deal with them at that time. Use a safety on the blitz and attack with it from the outside. To deal with the sideline tactics of the other team, use zone blitzes.

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