Guardiola capital to Fifa Mobile Coins

Yeah, but Eto'o abrogation was accepted already before.

Guardiola capital to Fifa Mobile Coins get rid of him the actual aforementioned division he took over the aboriginal aggregation forth with Deco, Ronaldinho etc.

But it didn't actualize as they couldn't acquisition a backup fast enought that division and as he had 2 years larboard on his arrangement he absitively to accumulate him for one added division and afresh advertise him afore accident him for free.

Eto'o had some issues with the Barca lath or Guardiola himself, aswell he capital to be one of the top earners in the aggregation if I'm correct, which Guardiola bootless to accede with.

So they swapped him + 40m for Ibrahimovi? and we all apperceive how that went. Contrarily they would accept absent him for chargeless next division as they weren't able to accommodated his arrangement demands.

Eto'o didn't absolutely about-face into a bigger amateur at Inter as he was mostly accepting acclimated on the appropriate wing/supporting striker to Diego Milito.

Diego Milito was the guy who was accomplishing all the scoring for that Inter side.