Give Kane acceptable stats in FIFA

With how baffled bridge was in FIFA 14 I am TERRIFIED. I in actuality in actuality achievement they antithesis it out FIFA 18 Coins cos I can't accord with this $.25 for a accomplished year.

If you apperceive how to avert in advanced areas, afresh you should accept no problem. irl if the fullback gives the accompaniment too abundant space, he will whip in a alarming cross.

I'd rather bridge be baffled than fast and able strikers. It's about time Kane, Dost, and Mandzukic got their abode in the accent rather than Son, Martial, and Musa.

It's about time Kane, Dost, and Mandzukic. Implying they accord Kane acceptable stats in FIFA.

Kane's accomplishment set doesn't construe absolute able-bodied to FIFA. Yeah he should accept top cutting and branch but his pace, jumping, and dribbling aren't that great.

Crossing is already advantageous it's just that a lot of of the jackdicks who allege accept accustomed little to no accomplishment in acquirements how to do it. Every cantankerous you do isn't declared to be a ambition either by the way.

But yeah a lot of humans just ambition to authority aboveboard and apprehend their players to win and account the attack while continuing still.

That isn't how it works. In actuality all you accept to do is activate their runs with L1. Afresh authority L1 while crossing. It is not that fucking harder guys.

I had to change my controls to get them to work. I anticipate crosses started on auto and I had to about-face them to semi or something. Afore that I couldn't hit anyone.

I've haven't had problems with bridge at all this year. I've been application Cavani as ST for a lot of of the year and bisected of the goals I've denticulate with him were off of crosses.

The botheration is not that bridge doesn't work, it's that humans don't apperceive if to use it. It's just like any added bold artisan such as low apprenticed shots or L2/R2 dribbling.

You accept to apperceive if to do it for it to be effective. But for some reason, like I said, humans just apprehend bridge to be simple for some reason.

People don't even yield the time to attending at player's stats either. For example, Cavani has absolute top jumping and absolute top branch accuracy---higher even than added strikers who are 6'3".

That agency he'll out jump defenders who are taller than him sometimes. If bridge to him from the wing, I aswell accomplish abiding his assistant has a top bridge carbon (i.e. Di Maria).

Di Maria to Cavani in the box is an about affirmed goal, esp. if Cavani alone has one apostle on him.