​Finding and Using Potion of Luck in Dark and Darker


In the RPG game Dark and Darker, finding better plunder and gear is crucial for progress, especially in PvPvE gameplay. One way to increase your chance of obtaining rare things is by using a Potion of Luck. This potion supports your Luck stat, which affects the drop rates of various rarities of plunder.

The Potion of Luck can be seen as in the game and is consumed from your inventory like other potions. Nonetheless, carrying the potion will result in a - 20 Move Speed penalty. The amount by which the potion increases your Luck stat relies upon its rarity, with potential increases of 50, 100, or 150 points. Additionally, when combined with the Bard's Wanderer's Luck Advantage, which increases Luck by 100, your total Luck stat can reach up to 250 points.

The increased Luck stat will have varying consequences for the drop rates of various rarities of plunder. For example, with 50 Luck, the chance of obtaining garbage plunder or poor rarity plunder is decreased, while the chance of obtaining rare, epic, legendary, or interesting rarity plunder is increased. As the Luck stat increases, the chances of obtaining higher rarity plunder also increase.

It's important to take note of that finding higher rarity plunder actually relies upon the source, like chests or corpses. In the event that a particular plunder source cannot drop high rarity things, increasing your Luck stat won't help. Notwithstanding, in the event that the source can drop higher rarity things, having a higher Luck stat will increase your chances of obtaining better plunder.

The Potion of Luck can be obtained by purchasing it from the Fortune Teller or by crafting it using explicit materials. These materials include a Glowing Eyeball, which can be tracked down in chests in the Corrupted Forest, Reviled Swamp, or Shadowlands, Nightshade, obtained from Poison Ivy Plants in Poison Ivy Forest, Swamplands, or Shadowlands, and Spider Silk, which is dropped by Spiders in Spider Cave, Abandoned Mine, or Poison Ivy Forest.

In Dark and Darker, the Potion of Luck plays a vital role in improving your chances of obtaining rare and powerful items. By utilizing this potion and increasing your Luck stat, you can enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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