FIFA - You win some you lose some

I achievement in FIFA 18 they fix the brawl magically bouncing aback to the opponents anxiety mid run. I've absent calculation of how abounding times I accept gotten denticulate adjoin because a striker had the brawl able FIFA Mobile Coins at his anxiety afterwards a tackle.

EA will not change gameplay lol all they affliction about is money. Yeah you're appropriate lol who am I badinage fifa 18 is allegedly just gonna be prettier. Saddest allotment is I'll a lot of acceptable buy it.

We will all buy it still...they've got us hooked. At atomic this fifa was a acceptable footfall for ut, a man can still hope?

Its just that its the best accessible football game..lesser of the two evils. EA just happens to accept the aureate goose. On UT this is abundant added arresting than on archetypal Seasons and offline modes. I admiration why.

The fake, pre-determined physics are one of the capital affidavit why this bold is debris as an E-Sport. Which is why it's a antic they put the E-Sport approach on UT.

They didn't accomplish abundant added money with that move either, they fabricated 650M endure year, this year they fabricated 700M but they aswell awash added amateur (16 awash 11 million, 17 awash 14,72 million), so in admeasurement it was in actuality beneath than they

should've made. The boilerplate FIFA amateur spent less.

Tbf it does arise in complete activity football, but yeah not at the aforementioned frequency. On the added duke in complete activity if a amateur pulls his hamstring he doesn't abide arena at abounding exercise 5 account later. You win some you lose some.

Yeah I feel like even if EA anchored the backlash issue, they would arise up with some added cheese.

Haven't had a individual backlash or backlash abatement my way this evening. Played 6, absent them all. I haven't played decidedly able-bodied but I should accept won one and fatigued two but EA absitively it wasn't to be.

After about 4 losses in a row, I tend to play with a lot of annoyance arch me to play like complete base cheeks so I just play something abroad lol. We are all at the benevolence of EA cheese.

Yesterday I played the a lot of alarming bout ever. Abounding Tots squad. Opponent had over 35 tackles and 20 interceptions appropriately accustomed at the end of the game.

Couldn't accumulate ascendancy if he had anyone aural a backyard of me. Absent 1-0 with him demography 22 shots to my 2. I put down the controller, FIFA 18 Coins gave up on marquinos and acquainted like a little allotment of me died.