FIFA is such and old game

OTW's were the aboriginal affair about the presentation, FIFA 18 Coins and it's the abandoned affair you mentioned?

Plus, alive that OTW's will aswell be upgraded by added appropriate cards is still appealing huge.

Plus, the new icons with 3 versions, beholder admission for FUT Champs, an offline admission agnate to FUT Champs with the best offline rewards in the game, the new exhibit animations, SBC's on the web app, daily/weekly objectives etc...

You can say what you ambition about the gameplay still accepting shitty (which we don't apperceive yet), but if you're acting like this acknowledge didn't accompany a bits ton of advertising afresh you accept to not play FUT a lot.

Depends on your abstraction of accustomed player, any accidental amateur can eventually get a exhibit just by accomplishing every appropriate SBC.

If you administer to play the WL, even better.

Also, exhibit animations and OTW's are apparently the a lot of extraneous news, a "regular player" will still have, for example, the daily/weekly objectives, which are amazing.

To anniversary his own i guess. Still can't bulk out what EA is application all the money for. FIFA is such and old bold and accept to be authoritative a appropriate profit. I just anew started arena PS, switched from PC due to arm injury.

In amateur like DOTA and CS you get appropriate updates every already in a while both new agreeable and antithesis patches.

In fifa bits like that never happens, humans are annoyed if they get a new agleam agenda which accept to yield arcane aught accomplishment from EA's side.

Except we in actuality got several updates throughout the year acclimation bugs and some accompanying to antithesis changes.

As for new content, the new agreeable in FIFA are the new cards accessible (TOTW, TOTY, TOTS etc...) and the new appearance every year agnate to how in cs:go the agreeable updates are basically abandoned new weapon banknote and the absolute ocasional operation.

I dont anticipate i accede on that one. Authoritative new maps accept to yield a accomplished lot added afresh just authoritative new stats on already absolute cards.

As for the FIFA patches accept they anytime had a cogent appulse on gameplay? I adeptness be wrong, but i dont bethink one. I didn't analyze new maps to new stats.

I compared:

- New cards like TOTW etc... to new banknote on cs:go (which yield 0 accomplishment from Valve aback they're in actuality fabricated by the community).

- New appearance every year to the new operations on cs:go (which is breadth the new maps get released).

The abandoned affair that Valve does is acclimation patches, every individual new map/skin is association made, Valve just needs to add it into the game, they don't accomplish it themselves.

Also yes, there accept been several bugfixes and a application that FIFA Mobile Coins Buy nerfed the AI arresting a lot about the alpha of the game.