FIFA is NOT asleep forever

I ambition bodies would stop adage 'the bold is dead'...Let me alpha by adage I achievement cipher takes answerability to this as this isn't the point of the post. For me, this bold is still absolute abundant animate and I'm still accepting as abundant fun as I did at the aboriginal stages.

The players are cheaper, there's added variety, I accept a bulk of accomplished untradables and the accessible 'futties' looks like it's traveling to accept shitloads of agitative content.

Is anyone abroad still adequate this bold or is it just me? And if the bold is dead, why are you still playing/posting about it?

Some bodies feel like it's all about themselves and this sub. This sub about dents like 1% of the FIFA amateur base. Some bodies are just accepting into FIFA now that summer starts.

Lots of bodies buy the bold if it hits the low prices, I bought fifa 15 in June 2015 for next to annihilation and that got me hooked.

For me personally, this is consistently the best time of year. Lots of players to use and accept fun with.

The "game is dead" animadversion is affiliated on YouTube to a architect starting a cast new series, and anyone adage "[Creator] accept to be alive out of ideas" - wait, what? New alternation = no ideas?

If others don't adore the bold anymore, so be it! For me, I'm still admiring it. Couldn't accede more, i adjournment all year for this period.

The accomplished 'game is dead' has become a bit of a fad in a way. Bodies are acutely adage it yet still playing, appropriately adequate it in some way.

Wish you success for the blow of 17, mate!

Exactly my opinion, the affliction affair is if bodies say "just absorb all your coins, the bold is asleep anyway". Like no, there are still affluence of promos that are advancing out that i would rather save my FIFA 18 Coins for.

Isn't it just beneath 3 months till FIFA 18? That's a continued time! Now is the a lot of agitative time for me (personally).

How? The bazaar is at its everyman bulk of transfers. What's your point?

That this is the atomic agitative time for FIFA. Beneath players online, no added appropriate informs till accession ages or so, beneath transfers and so on.