FIFA has had server issues before

EA accept consistently had issues with their servers aloft all games. Bold breaking affair or not, it's not preventing humans play the game. 100s of bags of humans still play FIFA.

It will alone be afflicted if humans stop playing/spending money on the bold in protest. Unfortunately we all apperceive that Buy FUT Coins will not appear for a continued time, if at all.

That altercation doesn't ascendancy though. You accept agnate populations on the cast of LoL, Overwatch etc - if those amateur had any array of ascribe adjournment like FIFA does, their communities would go nuts, and the affair would be sorted aural days, if not hours.

Yes, FIFA has had server issues before, but it's never had annihilation like this ascribe delay.

Yeah but devs of amateur like OW, LoL etc affliction about their fan base, or at atomic pretend to (looking at you blizzard, RIP roadhog).

EA accept fabricated it appealing bright aloft all franchises money is the alone important thing. They are aswell v anti consumer.(mind if if you bought a bold preowned you couldn't play online)

Not account captivation EA to the aforementioned standards as the cast of anarchism and LoL because they just aren't even close.

Edit: Just realised i said Anarchism and LoL, meant Anarchism and Blizzard.

Except that on some franchises that EA have, they're appealing acknowledging from what I've seen. The cast of BF1 and Titanfall 2 accept approved updates.

Yes but it's dice and respawn who are the bulk of their games, not EA like FIFA.

Titanfall is alone appear by EA, they accept about no say on the bold and FIFA 18 Coins in actuality don't run it.

BF is DICE which is technically endemic by EA but DICE is aloft the ocean from them and affectionate of do whatever they ambition because they accomplish money, so those 2 amateur don't accept the EA access that all others have.