​FIFA 23 Update 1.13 Fix Notes


There's another update for FIFA 23, and here's the finished rundown of changes and fixes that will be added with this fix. This is the 29th and last portion in the FIFA series that is created by EA Sports, and the last portion under the FIFA flag, and delivered overall in 2022. EA Sports upholds the game with consistent updates and will throw out another one before very long. The fix notes of the FIFA 23 update 1.13 (Title Update 9) are beneath.

FIFA 23 Update 1.13 (Title Update 9) Fix Notes

The Title Update #9 will before long be accessible for the PC (EA application/Beginning/Steam/Legendary Games Store), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One renditions of FIFA 23.

General, Sound, and Visual

Rolled out the accompanying improvements:

Added the UEFA Ladies' Bosses Association (UWCL) to the Start up and Competitions.

Added the Public Ladies' Soccer Association (NWSL) to Start up, Online Seasons and Friendlies, as well as Competitions.

Added four new Ladies' clubs:

Genuine Madrid C.F., VFL Wolfsburg, Juventus, and Eintracht Frankfurt

Refreshed a few packs, star heads, contest profiles, tifos, credits, logos, armbands, identifications, hymns, replacement sheets, stadia, balls, promotion sheets, tattoos, facial embellishments, prizes, and pitch banners.

Added ten new mark festivities.

Interactivity - FIFA 23 Update 1.13 (Title Update 9) Fix Notes

Rolled out the accompanying improvements:

Players with the Dangerous Speed up paradigm currently speed up somewhat quicker during the beginning phases of a mentioned run.

While blocking the ball while moving, the player is currently better ready to assume command over the ball rather than it skipping away from the player.

Expanded precision of Driven Ground Passes made to partners in front of the ball transporter, in circumstances where the passer is under no tension from protectors.

Further developed context oriented rationale while deciding whether a Standing Tackle solicitation ought to prompt a shielding player playing out a Standing Tackle or a Push/Pull.

This change will bring about additional Standing Handles being performed than Pushes or Pulls, in certain circumstances.

Somewhat improved the probability of a knuckleball shot happening while mentioning a Power Shot.

Diminished the speed that the ball can go at from a free kick taken with the beyond the foot.

Marginally diminished the reach expected for a protector to endeavor a tackle without being mentioned to do as such.

Expanded consistency of flicking the ball in the event that the ball was in the air.

Resolved the accompanying issues:

At times, a player could take more time than planned to begin running with the ball when a run was mentioned.

Goalkeepers might have now and again expected shots excessively fast.

This was most perceptible in 1 on 1 circumstances.

Further developed ref rationale while deciding potential extra shot fouls close to the edge of the container.

In uncommon cases, the camera wouldn't situate itself as planned for extra shots.

While playing out a tackle close to the touchline, protectors could in some cases remove the ball from play more frequently than planned.

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