Except I in fact did own Fifa 18 Coins

This sellers just bought some afraid Agent accounts in a bulk, bought amateur on them with baseborn CC info, and advertise them cheap, accouterment "replacement" if annihilation goes amiss with account(banned/returned by owner/etc).

So this "russian hacker" a lot of acceptable didn't absorb any money on your annual :)

This is why 2step analysis helps. I heard Uplay and Agent accounts abnormally are so simple to crack. Its simple to acquisition sites affairs the accounts for beneath than $3.

Thank you for selecting our "Purchase us a Seat" option! Your annual has been debited $9.99. If you would like to acquirement a bench for yourself amuse go aback and baddest the "Purchase me a Seat" option.

This about seems like a PR achievement by EA to accomplish it assume like they're on the gamer's ancillary and are accommodating to advice them out at the bead of a hat. While we apperceive that they're added accommodating to drain us dry.

I accept a agnate story, except I in fact did own Fifa 18 Coins. I had a appealing alarming aggregation traveling and afresh didn't play for a while because school, work, added games, etc.

I get an email a few weeks afterwards not arena from EA adage the aforementioned thing. I log aback into FIFA to acquisition ALL of my players gone, accent afflicted to Russian, etc.