Elden Ring: How to Defeat Romina, Saint of the Bud


Shadow of the Erdtree presents players with a host of challenging encounters, and one of the most formidable foes is Romina, Saint of the Bud. This boss requires careful strategy, the right Elden Ring items, and effective use of Elden Ring Runes to overcome. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to defeat Romina, ensuring you're well-prepared for this epic battle.


Preparing for the Fight


Gear and Items

    Weapons: Romina is susceptible to both physical and magical damage, so having a versatile weapon is crucial. Weapons that scale well with your character's stats and can be buffed with elemental damage will give you an edge.


    Armor: Equip armor that provides a good balance of defense and mobility. Romina's attacks can be swift and powerful, so being able to dodge effectively while maintaining decent protection is essential.


    Consumables: Stock up on healing items such as Crimson Tears and Golden Seeds. Additionally, use consumables that boost your attack power or defense for a temporary advantage. Items like the Flask of Wondrous Physick can provide significant buffs.


    Spells and Incantations: If you are a magic user, prepare your most potent spells. Spells that can be cast quickly and from a distance are ideal to avoid Romina's close-range attacks.


Understanding Romina's Attack Patterns


Romina, Saint of the Bud, has a range of attacks that can catch players off guard. Familiarizing yourself with her attack patterns is critical to surviving the encounter.


    Melee Swipes: Romina uses swift melee attacks that can be difficult to dodge if you're too close. Keep your distance and be ready to roll to avoid these strikes.


    Bud Burst: Romina can unleash a burst of energy from her bud, causing significant area-of-effect damage. Watch for a build-up animation and move out of range as quickly as possible.


    Summoning Allies: At certain health thresholds, Romina may summon smaller enemies to aid her in battle. Prioritize eliminating these adds to avoid being overwhelmed.


    Healing Phase: Romina has a healing phase where she restores a portion of her health. Interrupt this phase with heavy attacks or powerful spells to minimize her healing.


Battle Strategy


Phase One: Initial Engagement

    Positioning: Start the fight by maintaining a safe distance to observe Romina's initial attack patterns. Use this opportunity to get a feel for her timing.


    Ranged Attacks: If you have a ranged weapon or spells, use them to chip away at her health while staying out of melee range. This will help you conserve health for the later phases.


    Dodge and Counter: When Romina closes in, focus on dodging her melee swipes and counterattacking during her recovery animations. Precision and patience are key here.


Phase Two: Mid-Battle Adjustments


    Dealing with Adds: When Romina summons additional enemies, switch your focus to them immediately. Use area-of-effect attacks to clear them quickly, allowing you to return your attention to Romina.


    Avoiding Bud Burst: During the Bud Burst attack, keep a close eye on Romina and be prepared to roll away at the first sign of the attack. Staying mobile is crucial during this phase.


    Interrupting Healing: When Romina enters her healing phase, use your strongest attacks to interrupt her. Heavy weapons or high-damage spells work well for this purpose.


Final Phase: Finishing the Fight


    Stay Aggressive: As Romina's health gets lower, she may become more aggressive. Match her aggression by maintaining pressure and not giving her a chance to recover.


    Use Buffs and Consumables: In the final phase, use any remaining consumables that boost your damage or defense. This can give you the edge needed to secure victory.


    Execute Critical Hits: Look for openings to execute critical hits, especially if you can stagger Romina. This will deal substantial damage and help you finish the fight more quickly.


Post-Battle: Collecting Rewards


After defeating Romina, you'll be rewarded with valuable Elden Ring Items and a significant number of Elden Ring runes. These can be used to further enhance your character, preparing you for the challenges ahead in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.



Defeating Romina, Saint of the Bud, in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree requires preparation, strategy, and skill. By equipping the right Elden Ring items, utilizing Elden Ring runes effectively, and mastering Romina's attack patterns, you can emerge victorious from this challenging encounter. Remember, patience and adaptability are your greatest allies in this epic battle.