Eden Eternal - The class you mentioned is actually pretty cool


I think the class you mentioned is actually pretty cool, but unfortunately, it seems to be left out and that's quite sad. I'm not very familiar with the game since I'm new, but I've noticed a few things about this class that I find concerning. First, you have to stack two passives and use a spell that makes you lose HP, which slows down the class.

Additionally, you need to use a spell that consumes stacks of one of the passives just to regain HP. I know this was how it worked on the official servers, but now the damage output doesn't seem worth all of that effort. Furthermore, the jump ability is slow.

My suggestion would be to consider removing the "Balanced Gravity" aspect of the class, as I believe it would greatly improve the class's performance. Adding more damage to the spells and reevaluating the spell "Black Hole" would also be beneficial, as it doesn't seem to fit the aesthetic of a gravity manipulator. Maybe removing the jump ability as well, since another class already has a similar feature, would not only remove redundancy but also make the class feel slower, as mentioned earlier.

Moreover, I think the class talents could use some changes. Currently, they don't seem to contribute much to the class's overall effectiveness.

These are just suggestions for you to consider, and you're welcome to decide whether to implement them or not. However, I do hope that something can be done to improve the gravity manipulator class. It has a lot of potential and looks cool, but from what I've seen, it's actually one of the weakest classes.

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