EA Sports FC 24: Best Players for EURO Defenders Evolution


The EURO Defenders Evolution in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team is an excellent opportunity to upgrade low-rated defenders, especially with its free start. This Evolution focuses on enhancing the performance of select EURO Festival of Football Academy players by significantly boosting their stats and playstyles. Here's a breakdown of what to expect and the best players to use for this Evolution.


EURO Defenders Evolution Requirements


To participate in the EURO Defenders Evolution, you'll need to meet the following requirements:

    Max Overall: 87

    Rarity: EURO Festival of Football Academy

    Max PlayStyles: 7

    Max PlayStyles+: 1


Evolution Upgrades


Upon completing all objectives, your player will receive:


    +8 Overall

    +7 Pace

    +4 Shooting

    +9 Passing

    +8 Dribbling

    +9 Defending

    +8 Physical

    +1 Weak Foot

    Power Header, Anticipate, and Pinged Pass PlayStyles

    Bruiser and Intercept PlayStyles+


Best Players for EURO Defenders Evolution


While there are only a few cards that fit the criteria, here are the top recommendations based on their performance potential and versatility:


Joao Mario (Benfica)

    Strengths: Excellent at getting forward and contributes well to both defense and attack.

    Reason to Choose: Offers balanced defensive and offensive capabilities, making him a versatile choice for various formations and strategies.


Angelo Stiller (Stuttgart)

    Strengths: Solid defensive midfielder with strong defensive stats.

    Reason to Choose: Ideal for players seeking a reliable defensive presence in the midfield.


Lucas Hernandez (PSG)

    Strengths: High pace, which is crucial for keeping up with fast attackers.

    Reason to Choose: The best option for those prioritizing speed and agility in their defense.


Harry Maguire (Manchester United)

    Strengths: Strong physical presence and aerial ability.

    Reason to Choose: Excellent choice for a physical defender who can dominate in aerial duels and physical confrontations.


Niklas Sule (Dortmund)

    Strengths: Balanced defender with decent dribbling and passing.

    Reason to Choose: Suitable for players looking for a more well-rounded defender who can handle the ball effectively.




Choosing the right player for the EURO Defenders Evolution depends on your playstyle and team needs. If you need a fast defender, Lucas Hernandez is your best bet. For a strong, physical presence, Harry Maguire would be ideal. Joao Mario and Angelo Stiller provide excellent options for midfield defensive roles with different strengths.


EA Sports FC 24 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, and the EURO Defenders Evolution promotion will expire on July 19th. Make sure to utilize this opportunity to bolster your squad with upgraded defenders.


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