EA FC 24: How to Complete Declan Rice International Stars SBC


The Declan Rice International Stars SBC is now live in EA FC 24 following England's victory over the Netherlands in the Euro 2024 semifinals. With England set to face Spain in the final, Declan Rice has been chosen as the latest addition to the International Stars Squad Building Challenge (SBC). By completing the required tasks, players can obtain this special card and enhance their Ultimate Team lineup.


EA FC 24 Declan Rice International Stars SBC Tasks


Similar to the recently released Aymeric Laporte International Stars SBC, the Declan Rice International Stars SBC consists of two tasks. These tasks have straightforward requirements, making them accessible even for beginners in EA FC 24.


Task 1: England Challenge



    Minimum of 1 England player in your squad

    Minimum Team Rating: 84

    Minimum Team Chemistry: 70



    Prime Electrum Players Pack


Task 2: Premier League Challenge



    Minimum of 1 Premier League player in your squad

    Minimum Team Rating: 86

    Minimum Team Chemistry: 75



    Rare Mixed Players Pack


Tips for Completing the Declan Rice SBC


    Use Untradeable Players: Utilize untradeable players from your club to complete the tasks, minimizing your expenditure of FIFA 24 Coins.


    Check Market Prices: Monitor the market for player prices to ensure you are getting the best value for your FIFA 24 Coins when purchasing required players.


    Squad Chemistry: Pay attention to the chemistry requirements. Using players from the same league or nation can help achieve the necessary chemistry levels.


    Leverage Existing Players: Incorporate existing high-rated FC 24 players from your club that meet the task requirements to save on buying new players.


    Player Swaps: If you have duplicate high-rated players, consider swapping them into the SBC to clear space in your club and complete the challenge efficiently.


Benefits of the Declan Rice International Stars Card


The Declan Rice International Stars card offers several enhanced attributes, making him a valuable addition to your Ultimate Team:


    High Defensive and Physical Stats: Rice's card excels in defense and physicality, making him a formidable defensive midfielder.

    Balanced Playstyles: His balanced playstyles ensure he can contribute both defensively and offensively, adding versatility to your squad.

    Boosted Chemistry: As an English Premier League player, Rice's card can help boost team chemistry, especially if you have other Premier League players in your lineup.


By completing the Declan Rice International Stars SBC, players can add a top-tier defensive midfielder to their squad, boosting both the team's overall rating and chemistry. Make sure to complete the tasks promptly to take advantage of this special event and enhance your Ultimate Team in EA FC 24.