​Don't let RMTers get to you


Don't let RMTers enslave you? The process of finding a party to create the new content is almost impossible for someone who plays the game legitimately. Many players bought gold and were playing Valtan Normal and Hard modes in the first few days of release. The demand for players increased. I was fortunate enough to be able to attain 1415 ilvl in my sorc one day prior to Valtan launch. I've been spending the next week trying to apply in "find party" but was disappointed to find that I was not accepted. It's because why should you choose someone with +17 weapon when you can obtain someone that has +20 and 1445 Ilvl 1415.

After nearly a week(mostly to get in) to enter an event) !!!) I managed to clear gate 1 but being admitted to gate 2 was more difficult. In the end, I failed to pass it, mainly because every regular parties(with support) refused me, and I was required to apply to every single one of them. It was a waste of 100+ chests, weapons and pots, a huge amount of time and yet to be able to clear it. The depression was already hitting me and I decided to give the game up quest and made my bard alt 1415 and completed each gate in an half an hour or so.

I didn't have to wait for a second for an "find party" simply because there is no way for RMTers to use up gold to support a player which is why they were in great demand. It's funny that on my bard , I saw worse engravings, smaller gems, and a lower char levels.

The same scenario was repeated in this second week Valtan. Parties that had supps demanded minimum 1445 ilvl to be considered normal Valtan. I got through the gate 2 on my sorc but it was a costly mistake the entire week due to the fact that I didn't have a weapon with +20 and 11 level 7 gems. Even though I already had 1437 ilvl just not enough to be able to play normal Valtan. I even modified my build, hoping that was the reason. Because I was playing ignition sorc(4x3 engravings) and it was nerfed, I changed it to reflux(also received 4x3) complete with Relic accessories as well as a "casino" stones. It was a huge amount of effort and gold, but I managed. Making it happen with this high levels of ilvl was not fun for me as it was just too easy.

I loved playing as a sorceress before this RMT scandal struck, as no one was punished for purchasing gold, and there was no action taken against bots. In the end, i'm not even going to continue playing sorc as i am expecting similar results with Vykas launch and other. My sorc now is 1445, but I don't believe i'll attempt to perform Valtan in hard mode because any normal group with decent players and even support staff will allow me, even though i could already play Valtan without eyes shut after so many hours playing it.

Every now and then I've seen players sporting a weapon with +23, engravings of 5x3, which is achievable only if you purchase 40 legendary books that give you +12 power node points 1500 ilvl, and 70-100 roster.

I loved the game, but it's obvious that RMTers and bots did irreparable harm to the game. Also, Amazon isn't bothered and boasts of the fact that they have more than 800k "players".

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