Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR: Lich King Frostmourne Models and New Content


Diablo 4's Season 5 Public Test Realm (PTR) has ignited excitement among both Diablo and Warcraft fans with the discovery of Lich King Frostmourne blade models. According to Wowhead, two models of this legendary weapon were spotted, suggesting that players might soon wield the iconic mourneblade. This follows the inclusion of the Lich King's helm and Echo of Frostmourne as trophy slots in the game, further integrating Warcraft lore into Diablo 4.


Key Highlights of Diablo 4 Season 5


1. Frostmourne Integration

The appearance of Frostmourne models in the PTR hints at the possibility of this legendary blade becoming a wearable weapon in Diablo 4. This integration marks a significant crossover between the Diablo and Warcraft universes, bringing an iconic element from Warcraft into the dark, gothic world of Diablo.


2. New Roguelike Mode

Season 5 introduces a brand-new roguelike mode, offering players a fresh and challenging gameplay experience. This mode is expected to add variety and replayability to the game, allowing players to test their skills in a dynamically changing environment.


3. Expansion of Weapon Types

In addition to original Diablo 4 Gold, new legendaries, items, and uniques, Season 5 will expand the types of weapons available to players. This diversification will provide new strategies and customization options, enhancing the overall combat experience.


4. PTR Availability and Full Release

The PTR for Season 5 kicked off earlier today and will be accessible on PC through July 2nd. The full season release is scheduled for August 6th, running for two months before the Vessel of Hatred expansion launches on October 8th.


Vessel of Hatred Expansion: What to Expect


1. New Class: Spiritborn

    Introduction: The Spiritborn is a new class introduced in Diablo IV, characterized as battle-hardened warriors with mystical synergies.

    Background: Hailing from the jungles of Nahantu, the Spiritborn class taps into ethereal Spirits entwined with ancient civilizations.

    Gameplay: Players can embrace the powers of the Spiritborn to navigate through dangerous dungeons and face formidable foes.


2. Exploration of Nahantu

    New Region: Nahantu is a newly added jungle region in Diablo IV, rich with secrets, new dungeons, strongholds, and ferocious demons.

    Environment: The dense undergrowth and warring Tribes of Nahantu provide a unique and immersive setting for players to explore.


3. New Mercenaries

    Companions: Players can recruit new mercenaries to aid in their quests.

    Growth: These mercenaries grow in power as they progress and possess unique abilities to assist in combat.


4. Gameplay Updates

    Class Skills and Paragon Boards: The expansion introduces new class skills, paragon boards, and legendary glyphs.

    Dungeon Types and Activities: New dungeon types and Tree of Whispers activities will be added, offering diverse challenges and objectives.


5. New Co-op PvE Mode

    Cooperative Play: A new co-op PvE mode allows players to team up with friends to complete objectives and defeat bosses in multi-level dungeons.

    Rewards: Players will earn loot and rewards for their cooperative efforts, enhancing the multiplayer experience.




The inclusion of Frostmourne models in Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR, along with the upcoming content in the Vessel of Hatred expansion, promises an exciting future for Diablo players. From iconic weapon integrations to new gameplay modes and regions, Diablo 4 continues to evolve, offering rich, immersive experiences for its dedicated fanbase. As the full release of Season 5 approaches, players can look forward to exploring these new features and challenges.