​Diablo 4's Toxic Shredder Werewolf Build Explained


The Toxic Shredder Werewolf build makes extraordinary use of one of Diablo 4's underutilized classes through focusing on one particular damage type.

The usage of an assortment of class types alongside branching skill trees ensures that Diablo 4 will offer players an opportunity to flex their innovativeness with regards to their personality builds. One of the additional underwhelming classes that players got their hands on during Diablo 4's closed and open beta periods is the Druid, with Blizzard themselves acknowledging that the class is intended to be better in the late-game and requires significant player investment. For those that are looking to be OP in the endgame with the Druid class, the Toxic Shredder Werewolf build might be an ideal decision.

The Toxic Shredder Werewolf build is great for those that are looking to make a skirmish focused Druid that has the special bonus of using the Werewolf capacity. The overall strategy for the build involves placing emphasis on skills that apply Poison Spot against enemies while also providing swarm control. The final product is a build that allows players to experience their lycanthropic dreams while also melting mobs of enemies. Anybody looking to be a damage seller in Diablo 4 with an interest in the Druid class needs to give this build a look.

Skills to Focus on for the Toxic Shredder Werewolf Build

The essential skills that players should spec for the Toxic Shredder Werewolf build are Shred and Vine Creeper, as well as Rabies and Claw. These skills will assist players with accomplishing the overall strategy of the build, which is to stack poison damage after some time against enemies to dissolve them rapidly. The stacking of these skills has a combined impact of rapidly draining foe wellbeing while at the same time allowing players to maintain a safe separation and keep away from close contact with Diablo 4's numerous threats.

Shred - Shred is a center skill for any of the Werewolf-based Druid builds in Diablo 4, as it will end up being a player's essential means of skirmish attacking after initially slotting points into the Claw skill. Where the Shred skill outshines Claw (and becomes essential for the Toxic Shredder build) is in its stacking of increased damage percentages for each hit in its 3-hit combo sequence. Whenever Shred has been completely evened out up to rank 5, it becomes indispensable in a skirmish focused Werewolf build for Druids.

Vine Creeper - Vine Creeper is where the "toxic" in Toxic Shredder Werewolf comes into play, with the skill applying both passive and dynamic poison damage to enemies by summoning vines that immobilize and poison enemies. As the second most significant skill to the build, Vine Creeper allows for the Druid class to be successful well before the time necessity of Diablo 4 to hit max level. In the wake of investing some points into the center Vine Creeper skills, players will need to spec no less than one skill point into Upgraded Vine Creeper and Ferocious Vine Creeper to buff the poison Spot impact.

Claw - Claw is the central skill in the Druid's basic center skill cluster that allows for the class to transform into a werewolf. As the central Werewolf build skill for Diablo 4's Druid class, it is essential for the Toxic Shredder build and precludes the unlocking of the Shred skill that will turn into players' essential skirmish assault later on.

Rabies - The Rabies skill is the initial poison damage skill that players should open prior to investing points into Vine Creeper, allowing players to transform their Druid into a werewolf and then convey an infectious nibble to enemies, applying poison damage. Where Rabies becomes essential for the Toxic Shredder Werewolf build is in its capacity to swarm control and have the poison damage applied to one adversary spread to others. Subsequent to unlocking Rabies and investing points into it, players can redesign the skill for faster spreading of poison damage and a more noteworthy scope of infection, transforming the Druid into an extraordinary class for dealing with enormous enemies in Diablo 4.

How to Use the Toxic Shredder Build Against Diablo 4's Enemies and Bosses

The essential strategy for the Toxic Shredder Werewolf build has players using Vine Creeper and then Shred/Claw to go after immobilized enemies and stack damage on top of a previously depleting wellbeing pool thanks to the Spot poison impact. When the Vine Creeper skill has been enacted, enemies are both immobilized and poisoned in a huge AoE, giving players the opportunity to close in with scuffle strikes. Assuming the Vine Creeper skill is on cooldown, Rabies can go about as a poison-delivering substitute that also helps spread the impact to local enemies. The essential objective of the build is to both group control mobs and travel through Diablo 4's dungeons rapidly.

Outside the necessary essential skills for the build, the secondary strategy for the Toxic Shredder Werewolf involves equipping a piece of stuff with the Aspect of the Dim Howl, which transforms Debilitating Thunder into a Werewolf skill and further immobilizes enemies. Using Debilitating Thunder to immobilize enemies that are as of now poisoned separates the player's party from foe mobs, having them "bleed out" at a safe distance because of poison damage while dealing with other threats. Given the trouble looked by players against the Ashava world boss during the Diablo 4 beta, having a Druid handy for swarm control may be the way to overcoming some of the more noteworthy challenges the game has in store.

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