​Diablo 4: A List Of Sanctuary's Major Cities


Hoping to do some in the middle between adventures in Diablo 4? Here are all of Sanctuary's major cities that offer such types of assistance.

There's a ton to do and see in Sanctuary, yet even the most committed of slayers in Diablo 4 need to get back to town occasionally. Gear needs repair, plunder has to be salvaged or sold, and gems must be cut, so it's good to make just a single stop to finish everything.

Despite how large Sanctuary is in this installment of the Diablo franchise, there aren't that many cities that have all the services that a player needs at any given time. At the point when it's the ideal opportunity for a new transmog or a chance at getting something respectable for all those Obols, here are the locations that offer those services in Diablo 4.

Kyovashad, Fractured Peaks

This is the biggest city in the zone of Fractured Peaks and it very well may be the main sprawling metropolis in the entire game. Granted, half of this is the Cathedral of Light and Sanctuary's just World Level Statue, yet entirely it's still impressive.

This is the first major city that most players experience because the early campaign quests lead to Kyovashad. Several of the early evening out quests rated to crafting also end here, and there are also several side quests to get. Services here incorporate all possible amenities, and something like three dungeons, some of which are part of the Sister Octavia quest chain.

Cerrigar, Scosglen

Nestled in the focal point of rough Scosglen, Cerrigar is a pleasant surprise after slogging through this massive zone with little to show for it in the way of settlements or civilization. Just Marowen, a little hamlet on the north shore, even comes close and it just has the basics.

The city has the usual one-stop-shopping that includes all of the essential and elective services, including a Wardrobe and a Stable for cosmetic concerns. Those searching for more eminence can grab a couple of extra quests from NPCs in the city streets.

Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes

A pleasant and efficient city in the Kotama Grasslands, this may be one of the main places in Sanctuary that feels like it very well may be somewhere else. It's mostly flat and shaped like a simple rectangle, so it's also easy for a player to track down their way around.

The Kotama Grasslands are on the northwestern corner of the Dry Steppes, and there aren't many different options in the zone with regards to settlements, vendors, or waypoints. Special regions like the Tusmaa Fracture and the Onyx Watchtower are located nearby, in the south.

Jarandai, Dry Steppes

Jirandi, a greater town on the line of Kehjistan, is the main place that can compare to Ked Baru in this zone with regards to certain basic services. It has an interesting geography, based on a canyon with the road heading south and going through the center. Notwithstanding, it lacks more complicated services like jewel cutting and alchemy.

Although Jarandi is in the Dry Steppes, it's located on the line of the Scouring Sands, a zone in Kehjistan toward the south. That makes it a more helpful waypoint for places like Alcarnus and The Exalted Terrace.

Gael Kul, Kehjistan

An ancient city on the edge of a vast and harsh desert, verged on the western side by a tropical ocean shoreline, Gael Kul is one of the more scenic and pleasant cities in Sanctuary. It's also the one that players often see last given its location on the edge of southern Kehjistan, however it's advantageous to places like the PvP area the Fields of Hatred, and the stronghold Omath's Redoubt toward the east.

Not really a helpful location, but rather still a place worth visiting for the selection of services, several side quests, and romantic places like shipwreck inlet. There are also three Cellars nearby for those players that need more impetus to brave and find this waypoint.

Zarbinzet, Hawezar

Zarbinzet has all of the services and amenities that any adventurer could want or need, however the drawback is that it's located in the western part of a fairly enormous zone, Hawezar. It's on the edge of a massive tropical swamp, surrounded by places with names like Blightwater and Poisonous Fens, and most players who come here visit either the Blacksmith or the Alchemist first.

Despite the location in the far southern zone surrounded by infested marshland, there are some important locations nearby. Gulya's Hovel is toward the west on the Forsaken Coast, and players will also be interested in the Fields of Hatred toward the east and the Crusader's Landmark toward the north.

Backwater, Hawezar

Not exactly a major city in the sense that it has the same services as many others, yet its location, the main city on Sanctuary's east coast, is worth focusing on. It also has a larger number of services than one would anticipate given it's a smaller town, and even comes with a prison, the Backwater Storage Cellar.

The Forsaken Coast has several Cellars along the shoreline, and there are several more in the more northerly zone of the Rotspill Delta, which has no settlement of any sort. The following closest one is Wejinhani, far toward the west in the Dismal Foothills, so it's not advantageous for adventurers investigating the coast.

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