​Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire


Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire is now live in Old School RuneScape. After the group uncovered back in December that Desert Treasure would continue amazingly this year, the new quest-the biggest to date-is here.

Prior in the year, the group released Secrets of the North, which lets you solve a homicide mystery in a shiny new Master Quest that continued the Mahjarrat storyline that started back in 2001. That expansion returned January, and it was described as a prequel to the arrival of Desert Treasure. However, regardless of whether you played through that one, you should plan to be surprised, according to Mod Ed:

Since the quest is new, the group won't post anything with spoilers this week to allow everybody an opportunity to get in and give things a shot. What we can be sure of is that there will be four bosses to take on, some of extra challenges, and that this quest will take you all over Gielinor.

Considering each of the promises about how challenging and how huge the new questline is, there's also exhortation to savor it. What's more, to not come in interestingly on a No-nonsense record.

"We're not just building publicity here: Desert Treasure II is a dangerous quest. Everything from the bosses we've spoken so much going to the climate itself can and will kill you."

Nobody is expecting everybody to be cautious, so we'll need to see how everything shakes out. You can find out additional details and the requirements to take on Desert Treasure II over at Old School RuneScape.

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