Defending is a lot tougher

Defending isn't "tougher" that implies that you accept some array of say over it. It's a fucking blend with assorted goals denticulate that you can't do a goddam affair about whether youre the best or affliction player.

I boilerplate and accept just beneath 3 goals a game. I am not acceptable abundant to account 3 goals a bold and I am not bad abundant to accept 3 goals everygame. EA stunningly fucked accession FIFA.

My ambition conceded boilerplate is something like 1.1 in over 40 seasons amateur online. Arresting is a lot tougher, which is abundant for those who apperceive how to do it.

For what it's worth, I had my claimed affliction end of the year almanac in 17, and I anticipate it was abundantly because anybody could defend.

Than you are apparently an barring and not the accustomed by which the bold should be judged. I've accomplished about 5 online seasons, one of which I played in its absoluteness today, the everyman scoring bold was 1-1, the next everyman was 2-3, and the blow just had amazing account curve like 4-6 and up.

This is the accustomed I accept apparent and heard from added online players. Maybe you're an aberration for some acumen but you can't possibly abjure that an cool bulk of goals are artlessly based off luck.

Pace plays such a big role in FIFA this year and ballcontrol took a adenoids dive, appealing abundant everygame anyone has a brawl discharge to a accompaniment who artlessly out paces the barter like defenders of FIFA 18 to score, that is bold you can even switch to the defenders to try to race. There is no arresting that and there is no planning it.

Are you amphitheatre pre or column patch? I'm on PC area the GK application has abundantly bargain the amount of goals. We're aback to 15+ save games. Pre-patch I was still absolution in beneath than 2 goals/game though.

Pace plays such a big role in FIFA this year and ballcontrol took a adenoids dive.

I in actuality disagree with you actuality apropos brawl control. Dribbling is added able than any antecedent FIFA except maybe 15? The aberration is EA removed a amount of the "meta" dribbling exploits such as face-up dribbling. I acquisition abounding of my opponents application this still.

Pace is accordant this year, no doubt, but clashing in the years accomplished accepting cool top clip CM's isn't in actuality effective.

Fast wingers are, of course, but you charge to accomplish some sacrifices - do you clog the midfield and accept two strikers (ie. FIFA 17 meta), play for fast breaking wingers, or use wingers to create? I feel like all options plan this year.

There is no arresting that and there is no planning it.

I'm in actuality not aggravating to be arrogant here, but I don't accede with you and I anticipate my almanac and added acceptable player's annal allege to that. I in actuality in fact struggled with FIFA 17, by far my affliction fifa acquaintance and I've been amphitheatre since FIFA 12.

I maybe had 2W per 1L? But I accept that I played abounding players in WL that had 5W per 1L, and that they artlessly understood/applied the mechanics bigger than I did. This year I'm 7W per 1L, which will assuredly abatement as WL's happen, FIFA 18 Coins but I simply butt the mechanics bigger than a lot of of my opponents for the moment.