​Dark and Darker Mobile Reveals More Game Details


Ironmace's Dark and Dark is getting a mobile version, and publisher Krafton shares a couple of more details about the upcoming release.

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Publisher Krafton has officially revealed a trailer and additional details about the upcoming multiplayer extraction game Dark and Darker Mobile. Only half a month after the computer game was released in early access, the South Korean publisher announced that a mobile version of Dark and Darker was also being developed, however details about the new task were scarce.

Many individuals will perceive the name Dark and Darker because of the legal issues the first-individual dungeon crawler had before it even launched. The workplaces of engineer Ironmace were raided by police in March 2023, following an accusation of taken game code by Nexon. However Ironmace claimed that the Dark and Darker DMCA allegations were baseless and the lawsuit was later excused, the game was as yet delisted from Steam, and to date, has not returned. Those wishing to purchase Dark and Darker should do so either straightforwardly from the designer or the outsider platform Chafgames.

The mobile game, nonetheless, is in the hands of another designer, Krafton's Bluehole Studio. At this point, it appears to be that Dark and Darker Mobile won't be an immediate port of the computer game, but instead another adventure completely. Krafton has stated that Bluehole will attempt to "recreate" and "capture the soul" of the original's gameplay, yet the mobile game will be streamlined to guarantee that it runs and plays well on portable platforms with smaller screens. The game right now is slated to release at some point in 2024.

In the mobile game, players will have five standard jobs to look over — fighter, barbarian, ranger, rogue, and cleric — rather than the eight classes available in Dark and Darker. Multiplayer parties will wander into dark dungeons searching for treasure while a strange magnetic field called the Darkswarm gradually arranges the disparate dungeons. Players should gather as much plunder as they can and then escape through a portal before it's past the point of no return.

Along these lines, Dark and Darker Mobile combines battle royale elements, extraction gameplay, survival mechanics, and dungeon crawling in one package. However the PC version of Dark and Darker is promoted as a PvPvE experience, details about the mobile game haven't yet referenced anything about PvP, so it's unclear assuming that that aspect of the original game will carry over into mobile. Fans of the IP will simply have to wait patiently as advancement advances and more information opens up.

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