Dark and Darker: Allow free-to-play players to use higher gear loot


After the initial backlash over its "misleading" free-to-play model, developer Ironmace has made significant changes to the free-to-play experience in Dark and Darker. Previously, free players were limited to using Common rarity items, but following the backlash, a hotfix was introduced on June 10, allowing free-to-play players to equip and carry gear up to Legendary level. This change aims to provide a more comprehensive experience for those trying out the game before making a purchase.


Key Changes Introduced:


    Access to Higher-Tier Gear:

        Free-to-play players can now equip items up to Legendary level.

        This removes the previous restriction of being limited to Common rarity items.


    Normal Mode Limitation:

        Despite being able to use higher-tier gear, free players are still restricted to the Normal mode.

        This separation includes a dedicated matchmaking system to prevent cheaters from exploiting the free-to-play model.


    Apology and Player Feedback:

        Ironmace issued an apology in the hotfix patch notes, acknowledging that misleading players was never their intention and emphasizing their commitment to learning from feedback.


    Gameplay and Balance Tweaks:

        The hotfix also included various gameplay adjustments and balance tweaks.

        Gear scores for Poor and Common rarity utility items have been removed, and these items now provide a lower gear score to help ease new players into the updated Normal mode.


Community Response:


    The response to the hotfix on Steam has been overwhelmingly positive.

    There has already been a slight improvement in the game's overall rating, moving from "Mixed" to a better percentage of recommendations.


These changes reflect Ironmace's commitment to addressing player concerns and improving the game based on community feedback. While it's too early to determine the long-term impact, the initial reception indicates a positive shift in player sentiment.



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