​Damage numbers appear manner better than they was once in OG WotLK


Is it simply me or do human beings do manner greater harm on common than again withinside the day? If you appearance up vintage films of globalwide first kills from the pinnacle guilds and examine the harm numbers with the DPS on WotLK traditional, there may be simply too huge of a distinction. Even in case you appearance up greater latest films of uber sweats which have grindend WotLK for 10+ years on non-public servers, their DPS appears greater in keeping with what vintage vanilla WotLK seemed like, WoTLK Gold in comparison to what is occurring on retail atm.

While human beings are in large part higher than again then, with a good deal greater optimised tools and rotations. Boss kill velocity is a massive factor, so in case you most effective have like three human beings blasting let's imagine you've got got a four-5minute boss kill. But in case your whole raid is blasting you could shuffle it down to mention 2minutes.

And while you recollect harm according to 2d, its a good deal better throughout cooldowns and bloodlust/heroism. So in case your boss kill time is shorter, generally the share of the combat which you had cooldowns/heroism up for can be a good deal better. ie. 2min combat heroism lasts 40seconds it's 33.3% of the combat with heroism in comparison to mention a 4minute combat it's most effective 16.7% of the combat. So that interprets to a better harm according to 2d.

Can't be it. I study the DPS meters on pull, the primary 1-2 mins of a combat and examine that to kill films from again withinside the day.

There is a thirteen yr vintage video on youtube from a few random guild's first sapphiron kill in wotlk. Their DPS do ~3.5k dps on pull. That's kinda in keeping with the numbers I bear in mind from again withinside the day from the common noob. But even pinnacle tier raiding guilds most effective pulled perhaps four-5k dps on pull in naxx.

There is a video on youtube of a "server first naxx clean" from a few guild that did it yesterday. Their rogues and DKs are pulling 10k dps on Sapphiron earlier than the primary air segment. That is greater than two times the harm that become considered "pinnacle tier" thirteen years in the past. I recognize human beings were given higher at the sport, however now no longer THAT a good deal higher.

Paragon's international first kill of the Lich King on heroic 25 guy, their DKs pulled ~14-15k dps at the pull earlier than the second segment. And they have been in large part in complete ICC heroic tools with a worldwide 5?mage buff.

I can recognize that there may be a huge, huge distinction in dps among vanilla traditional raiders from 17 years in the past doing Molten Core, and those doing Molten Core in traditional nowadays. Because again then, there in large part have been no courses, slightly any min-maxing, net connections and recreation FPS have been horrible and so forth. But the WotLK times? During WotLK we already head masses of min-maxers, courses, higher hardware, higher connection, elitist jerks and so forth.

People being uninformed and now no longer understanding a way to get the maximum out in their elegance is a controversy I'd accept as true with for traditional vanilla WoW, however now no longer for WotLK, other words, buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold at p2pha.com, we are the best online shop.