​Charvarius Ward's guy insurance score need to be higher


Charvarius Ward isn't always getting the affection he need to get in his scores. Charvarisus Ward is actual proper in guy insurance. Here are the stats damaged down from PFF ( Pro Football Focus) .PFF says how oftentimes QB centered them & how oftentimes a person stuck the ball on them as properly. I additionally positioned their MCV ( guy insurance score ) in madden. Good CBs do not get the ball thrown their manner as a lot motive they've their guy locked down.

Charvarius Ward's guy insurance score need to be higher. Just test the facts. You cannot argue with numbers. Men lie , ladies lie , numbers do not .

Charvarius Ward

Targeted seventy two instances  

Receptions allowed 36  

Madden Man Coverage Rating seventy nine

Xavien Howard

Targeted eighty four instances

Receptions allowed forty eight

Madden Man Coverage Rating 89

Tre'Davious White

Targeted fifty eight instances

Receptions allowed 31

Madden Man Coverage Rating ninety three

Jalen Ramsey

Targeted ninety three instances

Receptions Allowed 59

Madden Man Coverage Rating 98

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