​Are swift/crit artillerists viable


I have hit 1445 for my alt artillerist. I have 1 gold engraving and an 8/7 stone. However, looking at the specs of the relic accounts, it's too costly to purchase an alt. A full swiftness 5x3 is a possibility. Should I choose the nightmare relics set and full swift in lieu of the meta-spec wheelchair?

I'm a member of the reflux sorc and I love the mobile style of play however how good is this to an artillerist? It's probably not MVP material, but I do not wish to be the lowest in dps.

It's about a 15 percent DPS reduction over other Arty builds, but is 100% possible.

I use 6pc Nightmare with 1500 swiftness/550 critical (Firepower Grudge, Firepower, Keen Blunt Adrenaline, CD). Find MVP often when playing Legion Raids even against other artillerists.

The main thing to note about Swiftness is the incredible QoL it offers - abilities with insane cooldowns and great mobility. The spec arty is definitely more powerful but it's only just a couple of rotations for the boss is moved to allow the gap between dps to fully close when the spec arty does not take huge chunks of damage from barrage mode... while I'm already repositioned and launching another round of air raids and homing barrage within the same time frame and ready to go once more after.

Who doesn't love dropping nukes every five seconds?

The two subsequent raids (Kakul/Brelshaza) require a significant increase in movement over Valtan or Vykas and I'm expecting Swiftness Artys be a shining star in the next two raids.

The best-equipped gamers on LOAWA in KR all move to Spec/Crit the fastest part with top gear, and probably after mastering every raid , with statics and a guaranteed support system however, I've seen many players who are in the 1520-1560 range that are all Swift/Crit Artillerists.

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