Analyzing the Discrepancy in Exploitation Strike's Healing Mechanism


The recent introduction of Exploitation Strike, the new ability for warlocks in blood pact mode, has sparked discussions regarding its functionality, particularly in comparison to its in-game description. While the ability purportedly heals the user for 5% of the target's HP upon a physical hit, empirical testing reveals significant deviations from this expected outcome. Notably, Exploitation Strike's interaction with dark bolts, along with variations in healing percentages based on target type and circumstances, raises questions about its consistency and effectiveness. Here are the findings from several tests conducted:

1, Elite Goblin Warrior (with Vamp):

Result: 25 HP healed (~11.6% of max HP)

2, Elite Goblin Warrior (without Vamp):

Result: 21 HP healed (~9.8% of max HP)

3, Default Cleric (with Vamp):

Result: 11 HP healed (~11.6% of max HP)

4, Default Cleric (without Vamp):

Result: 9 HP healed (~9.5% of total HP)

5, Elite Cyclops (with Vamp):

Result: 48 HP healed (~0.65% of max HP)

6, Elite Centipede (with Vamp):

Result: 48 HP healed (~3.6% of max HP)

7, Centipede (without Vamp):

Result: 40 HP healed (~3% of max HP)

The observed discrepancies suggest that Exploitation Strike's healing potency may be influenced by various factors beyond its stated mechanics. Notably, the healing effect seems to approximate a 10% heal, or approximately 12% with Vampirism, contradicting the specified 5% value. Moreover, there appears to be a maximum cap on healing, with targets receiving a maximum of 40 to 48 HP per hit, indicating a threshold that limits the ability's effectiveness.

Interestingly, Exploitation Strike's compatibility with dark bolts further complicates its behavior, potentially confounding players' expectations regarding its usage and impact. This dual functionality adds an additional layer of complexity to its interaction with different targets and scenarios.

In conclusion, the discrepancy between Exploitation Strike's described healing mechanism and its observed behavior underscores the need for further clarification and potentially adjustments from the developers. Understanding the intricacies of this ability is crucial for players seeking to optimize their strategies and maximize its utility in combat situations. As the community continues to explore and dissect its mechanics, it is hoped that developers will address any inconsistencies to ensure a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience for all.

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