All Path of Exile Classes and Ascendancy Subclasses


Path of Exile (PoE) offers a diverse range of classes and Ascendancy subclasses, each with unique attributes and playstyles. Your choice of class and Ascendancy significantly impacts your character's build, abilities, and overall gameplay experience. Here is an overview of all the main classes and their corresponding Ascendancy subclasses in PoE.

Core Classes and Their Attributes


There are seven core classes in PoE, categorized into three pure classes and four hybrid classes. Each class aligns with one or more of the game's primary attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Pure Classes



        Primary Attribute: Strength

        Description: The Marauder excels in melee combat, boasting high physical damage and durability.



        Primary Attribute: Dexterity

        Description: The Ranger specializes in ranged attacks and evasion, making her agile and hard to hit.



        Primary Attribute: Intelligence

        Description: The Witch wields powerful spells and minions, focusing on elemental and chaos damage.


Hybrid Classes



        Primary Attributes: Strength & Dexterity

        Description: The Duelist combines melee combat prowess with agility, excelling in both attack and defense.



        Primary Attributes: Strength & Intelligence

        Description: The Templar blends physical prowess with elemental magic, often using spells to enhance melee attacks.



        Primary Attributes: Dexterity & Intelligence

        Description: The Shadow is a master of stealth and traps, dealing damage through precise strikes and deadly devices.



        Primary Attributes: Strength, Dexterity & Intelligence

        Description: The Scion is a versatile class that can adapt to any playstyle, though she starts in the center of the skill tree.


All PoE Ascendancy Subclasses


Once you complete the Labyrinth and your first Aspirant's Trial, you unlock the Ascendancy Tree and can select your subclass. Each main class has three Ascendancy subclasses, except for the Scion, which has one. These subclasses provide powerful passives to refine and enhance your character.

Marauder Ascendancy Subclasses



        Description: Focuses on defense, endurance charges, and physical damage mitigation.



        Description: Specializes in high damage output and life leech, often at the cost of increased damage taken.



        Description: Combines fire damage, totem support, and life regeneration.


Ranger Ascendancy Subclasses



        Description: Enhances projectile damage and speed, ideal for bow builds.



        Description: Focuses on frenzy charges, onslaught, and phasing for high mobility and attack speed.



        Description: Specializes in flask usage, elemental damage, and ailment mitigation.


Witch Ascendancy Subclasses



        Description: Boosts minions’ effectiveness and survivability, excellent for summoner builds.



        Description: Enhances elemental damage and effects, ideal for spellcasters.



        Description: Focuses on chaos damage, curses, and energy shield.


Duelist Ascendancy Subclasses



        Description: Specializes in two-handed weapons, leeches, and culling strikes.



        Description: Combines block chance, bleed effects, and dual-wielding.



        Description: Focuses on fortify, banners, and impale for increased defense and offensive support.


Templar Ascendancy Subclasses



        Description: Enhances elemental damage and critical strikes, suitable for hybrid caster-melee builds.



        Description: Specializes in totems, mana, and spellcasting.



        Description: Focuses on defensive auras, minions, and party support.


Shadow Ascendancy Subclasses



        Description: Enhances critical strikes, poison, and bleed effects for high burst damage.



        Description: Specializes in traps, mines, and blind effects.



        Description: Combines evasion, energy shield, and recovery effects for versatile builds.


Scion Ascendancy Subclass



        Description: Offers flexibility by allowing the choice of passive skills from other Ascendancy classes, providing a hybrid of multiple playstyles.


Choosing the right class and Ascendancy subclass in Path of Exile is crucial for defining your character's strengths and playstyle. Whether you prefer brute strength, agile precision, or arcane power, PoE offers a class and Ascendancy that can match your preferred approach to the game. Customize your character's build by exploring different skill gems, items, currency, and passive tree options to maximize the potential of your chosen class and Ascendancy.