All New DLC Armors In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree


In the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, Not only are Elden Ring Runes provided to players, but several new sets of armor are introduced to enhance the player experience. Here's a detailed list of all the new DLC armors and how to obtain them:


1. Drake Knight Set


    Description: A set adorned with dragon scales, providing a robust defense against elemental attacks.

    How to Obtain: Found in the Jagged Peak region after defeating Ancient Dragon Senessax. Pieces of the armor are scattered in chests guarded by drakes.


2. Priestess Vestments


    Description: Elegant robes worn by the Dragon Communion Priestess, offering high magic resistance and boosting Dragon Cult incantations.

    How to Obtain: Available as a reward from the Dragon Communion Priestess if you do not give her Thiollier's Concoction during Igon's questline.


3. Bayle's Armor


    Description: Armor crafted from the remains of Bayle the Dread, featuring high fire resistance and enhancing fire-based attacks.

    How to Obtain: Dropped by Bayle the Dread after defeating him at the summit of Jagged Peak.


4. Igon's Set


    Description: The battle-worn armor of Igon, provides balanced protection and a boost to stamina regeneration.

    How to Obtain: Found on Igon's corpse at the Foot of the Jagged Peak after completing his questline.


5. Ancient Dragon Set


    Description: Armor imbued with the essence of ancient dragons, greatly increasing lightning resistance and enhancing dragon-related skills.

    How to Obtain: Rewarded for completing the Dragon's Pit dungeon and defeating the physical form of Ancient Dragon-Man.


6. Florissax's Garb


    Description: Mystical robes enhance spirit-summoning abilities and provide moderate defense.

    How to Obtain: Received as a reward if you give Thiollier's Concoction to the Dragon Communion Priestess.


7. Magma Wyrm Armor


    Description: Heavy armor crafted from the scales of a Magma Wyrm, offering high physical defense and fire resistance.

    How to Obtain: Dropped by the Magma Wyrm boss in the Dragon's Pit dungeon.


8. Ancient Dragon Warplate


    Description: Heavy plate armor provides exceptional protection and boosts ancient dragon incantations.

    How to Obtain: Found in the Jagged Peak region, guarded by the dual Jagged Peak Drakes.


9. Erdtree Sentinel Armor


    Description: Golden armor provides high holy resistance and enhances faith-based incantations.

    How to Obtain: Located in the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, obtainable after defeating the Jagged Peak Drake.


10. Thiollier's Ensemble


    Description: Armor set providing high magic resistance and enhancing healing spells.

    How to Obtain: Given by Thiollier after completing certain optional objectives in the questline involving the Dragon Communion Priestess.




These new armor sets add significant depth to the game, offering various stat boosts and enhancing specific abilities that complement different playstyles. Players can find these items by exploring new regions, completing questlines, and defeating formidable bosses.