Atleti and Juve in the Fifa Coins

It is fucking incredible, Humans are adage that a amateur that spanked Bayern, Atleti and Juve in the Buy Fifa Coins champions alliance didnt adapted to win this award.

There were no added top groups announcement if he did though, so he just got a agglomeration of simple music appearance wins.

What do you mean? Managed to exhausted big names like Twice, IU, and BTS on the archive and sales on his way to acceptable aback to aback wins on all the music shows.

Definitely deserves a daesang this year for that!

Lmao as a kpop fan I get the aforementioned adventure seeing either BTS vs EXO fangirls argument and fanboys with Messi vs Cristiano.

The rappers amid the 2 groups are commensurable but DO and Chen are bigger singers than Jin and Jimin.

I like them both just as I admire watching both Messi and Cristiano. Been alert to Ko Ko Bop and DNA these endure few weeks.

For rappers admitting I anticipate RapMon and Suga are actually a bit bigger than Chanyeol and Kai, breeze astute and lyrically.

It's an alone accolade admitting and I tend to accede with those who say Messi was bigger throughout the absolute year on a bold to bold basis, except for that analgesic CL run appear the end.

I see why he won, but a lot of humans don't like that things like aggregation awards counterbalance so heavily in free and alone prize.